Headquarters 2,500 square metres
Ambient-temperature warehouses 100,000 square metres
Controlled-temperature warehouses (-28°C) 130,000 cube metres
Outdoor storage 400,000 square metres

Warehousing facilities

Modular size
Smoke detector
Roadside and rail-side boards
Optic fibre cables for radiofrequency-assisted handling of goods
Video surveillance system connected to the IT system


Foods and crops
Paper and cellulose
Building materials and facings
Iron and steel materials
Petroleum by-products (plastics, lubricants, tyres)
Mechanic and electronic components


Planning of distribution processes
Organisation of flows
Storage management
Design and management of national and international logistic platforms
Duty-free warehousing
Bonded warehousing and temporary storage
Radiofrequency-assisted order management and preparation
Distribution and transport
Tracking & Tracing
Digital management
Interfaces with the customer’s management systems

Integration of services

CePIM’s services may be adjusted and adapted to any requirement, from the simple transfer of a storage or handling area to the most complex outsourced integrated logistic service, involving the physical and administrative management of goods and radiofrequency-assisted order management.
We specialise in: design and management of national and international warehouses and logistic platforms, planning of distribution processes, organisation of inflows and outflows, tracking & tracing in partnership with specialist operators, duty-free warehousing, bonded warehousing, and temporary storage.
Any step in the logistic process is supported by digital systems that interact with the suppliers’ and customer’s ones and by the production of tailor-made documents and reports, for easier interaction between in-house and third-party operators, and to make information flows more streamlined and easily traceable.
We can work remotely from the customer’s facilities or in our storage units at ambient or controlled temperature or in outdoor storage areas, all equipped with optic fibre, video surveillance and security systems.
Our core business can always be combined with additional services, depending on the customer’s needs.

Here are some of our additional services.