Dedicated surface: 100.000 sm
    Modular facilities
    Sectional doors
    Roadside and rail-side boards
    Train connections
    Max height to underside of beam, mt
    Optic fibre cabling


    Water drainage
    Spill collection system
    Manual and automatic fire systems
    Burglar alarm
    Video surveillance
    Gated village

    Warehouses and outdoor storage areas

    There is a wide variety of ambient- or controlled-temperature storage and handling areas. Such facilities are modular, their size adjustable to the customer’s requirements, inclusive of security and burglar systems and alarms. Some of them are fit for storing special commodities.
    Ramps with hydraulic platforms, and, in some warehouses, train connections make the loading or unloading operations much easier.
    Every storage area has been designed and built with rational cost management and organisation in mind, and is served by offices, utility rooms, changing rooms and toilets.