ENI Group 45%

Public Bodies 29%

Banks  14%

Private businesses  12%

Board of Directors

Chairman   Luigi Capitani
Managing Director  Luigi Capitani
Director  Emiliano Occhi
Director Andrea Carta Colombo
Director  Marco Bonezzi
Director  Manuela Bucca
Director   Leonardo Cassinelli
Director  Giuliano Chiari
Director  Viviana De Paolis
Director  Francesco Meduri
Director  Guglielmo Moscaritolo
Director  Giovanni Pellegri
Director  Gianpaolo Serpagli
Director  Anna Rita Carta

Board of Statutory Auditors

Chairman  Genesio Banchini

Auditor  Bruno Mambriani

Auditor Alessandro Fadda

Substitute auditor  Maurizio Fantaccione

Substitute auditor  Fulvio Tau

Private businesses and public organisations, banks, trade associations and providers of passenger and goods transport services have invested their cash and have believed in CePIM’s plans. Their trust is reflected in the freight village, now one of Europe’s leaders, where buildings and facilities receive, store, handle and sort out goods in optimal, efficient ways.
To achieve this, the space had to be rationally apportioned, the critical factors being the entrepreneurial flair of the local community, its proximity to key facilities, and eco-sustainable development.
In the over forty years of its life, CePIM’s ownership has never changed, so the company could always be consistently managed and has achieved a sound financial position.
CePIM’s Governance is based on a dual system, i.e. a Board of Directors and a Board of Auditors, which make sure the company never fails to deliver.